Battle Summary Doctor v 1.1 sponsored by realdognose

Very often Battle-reports are messed up due to smartbombs, bombs or Remote ECM. Here you get the possibility to fix that.
Enter the url to the Battlesummary you want to fix. (just default eve-kill links, not your personal killboard.)

!test me --> Play around with the beta of the upcoming BRDoc 2.0 <-- test me!

Note: Due to the small number of information from the battle-summary, ISK Efficency is not visible.


2013/04/13: 20.000 Battlereports Fixed! The next 100 are for free... oh... wait.
2012/10/22: THORN Alliance can now be assigned correctly. (&THORN = "Þ" in HTML ;-) )
2012/03/31: Added unique pilot count to summary.
2012/03/31: Removed pods from kill count.
2011/12/30: Fixed Database. Tier 3 BCs are now sorted in depending on their basevalue. (no longer topmost)
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